Oh Herro!

Roughly one month ago I was graced by the presence of "The Zanta."  As she walked through my front door, I felt the excitement and exuberance of the 2006 Fantasy Football season rush through my veins once again.  Mainly, my wiener veins.  I've been waiting for some closure to that magnificent season of mine, and my reward has finally come.  As far as I'm concerned, I went 14-0 that year outscoring every opponent 100-0 each week, whilst gliding through the playoffs untouched.  And with my name plastered upon that beautiful bitch Zanta as 2006 Champion of Champions, there's no reason for me to think otherwise.  Come on in!

Becoming Acquainted

Making the Zanta feel at home in my company came very easy.  I feel like she's supposed to be around, so maybe a 2012 victory is in the cards?  My girlfriend welcomed her with open arms as well, no jealously at all.  So good...the way it should be!.  With my skill level, I'm due for another run.....huh honey?

Let the Celebrations Begin

Throwing a party for the Zanta and myself only seemed necessary.  We had a great time, growing more and more close.  Of course, when there's a Champion you can usually expect jealousy and envy.  But the Zanta knows who she belongs to, and to the victor remain the spoils.

Reaching the Pinnacle

Let's just say that the Zanta and I, as well as Caitlin, ended up growing extremely close.  Please don't take these pictures out of context, we were simply, uhhhm, getting ready for bed one night before some paparazzi busted in.  C-LO$ you dog, I was wondering where those stains came from!  But Zanta did enjoy the company and will be revisiting again soon.

The Show Must Go On.....

My time with the Zanta was so comfortable, it felt like it should go on forever.  But the show must go on, as we approach a new NFL Fantasy season.  She may be back within a few months, who knows?!  Wherever she ends up, just treat her well, mmmkay?  MMMKAY!  I don't like saying Goodbye, so I'll just say see you soon Zanta, see you soon.